In today’s highly competitive building market a high quality, cost effective, beautifully aesthetic exterior finish is key to make a buildings true character come to life. At Multi-Panels Corporation we understand the need for innovation and quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Our fiber cement siding and cladding products are built to the highest European and U.S. standards, and as soon as you touch and feel a Multi-Panels product you will know the MPC difference! We take great pride in the density and strength of our fiber cement and only coat our products with the finest PVDF varnish and custom applied Nano-coating.

We believe in giving our customers choices in their design selection. Our Color Fiber Cement is available in any custom color you choose on our minimum order size. Color is double coated with a PVDF varnish.

The characteristics of PVDF coatings are

  • Do not react with most of the solvents, acids and chemicals.
  • Weather Resistant and retains the original colour and gloss of external cladding materials for a very long span of time.
  • PVDF maintains the temperature and considerably reduces the expansion and contraction of the materials on which they are coated

Our Natura Fiber Cement is extremely popular in Europe because of its strong durable surface, its UV protection, and its solid color all the way through the core of the product. Natura comes in three base colors of anthracite (black), off-white, and light grey. Our Rustica product brings Mother Nature to your designs. Taken from the natural colors of the soil in the mountains, Multi-Panels Rustica fiber cement comes in incredible earth tones that are ideal for both Exterior and Interior applications. The natural Rustica finish has a semi-rough sanded quality and is designed to develop a beautiful patina over time.

Our Cedar and Smooth Plank fiber cement boards cater to the traditional elegant design of Americana. Again, not all boards are created equal, when you feel the quality of a Multi-Panels Cedar/Smooth plank board you will instantly notice the difference. These boards come in a sand finish state for DIY painting. You will sleep soundly at night knowing you have a high quality, well designed barrier to the elements on the exterior of your home that will last for generations.

Please call or email today to request a sample and learn more. Seeing (and feeling) is believing!

When you see the quality of our products alongside our competition, you will want to take a closer look
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