Multi-Panels Corp. has deep roots in the innovative design culture of Scandinavia, We’re bringing innovative advancements and superior products – products that eliminate the limitations of current materials such as expansion and contraction, rotting, warping and fire hazards. Our advanced Concepts and products save both time and money by being a true single-material replacement for the two, three and sometimes five layers used in current material practices. These products are the result of years of research, development and certification some even Patent Pending Processes. They have produced an exceptional track record last + 15 years of quality and efficiency – and provide remarkable labor-saving solutions. With superior-performance products, we maintain an innovative mindset not only with our products but also with the way we bring those products to market. In short, we have a streamlined value chain with lower overhead… and we pass the resulting savings directly to our clients.

Our product range has been though intensive long term testing and are certified and tested towards both European, North America and Canadian building regulations: