CS-Fire Guard

Partition Walls, steel protection, ventilation and smoke-extraction ducts, mechanical & electrical service enclosures and Cable protection.

CS-Steel Fire Guard is a non-combustible medium density calcium silicate board, used for the construction of non stuctural passive fire protection. It is a Class 0 product as defined in the Building Regulations.

The panel is not weakened when wet. The high pH value makes the board very resistant to attack by mold and fungus. The panel will not rot or degrade in a humid environment.

Fastening and Fixing
Nails can be driven directly through boards without pre-drilling provided they are at least ½” from the edge of the panel, and the back side of the board is fully supported. In areas of high humidity, galvanized nails should be used. Panel pins, oval or lost head nails should not be used. Nails should be located 1 ½” from corners. Nailing is the most economical method of fastening using pneumatic nailing and stapling equipment.

The panel can be cut with conventional electrical woodworking equipment and proper blades. Cutting should be carried out using dust extractors. Operators should wear protective face masks.