M4-Roof Panel

Ease of installation, light panel, simply score and snap. Installation with UL or FM Classified Roof covering.

Fire Properties
Roofing specifications for steel deck installations often require a fire barrier as the component applied above the metal to help control and limit the amount of fuel contributed to a fire beneath the roof. The M4-Roof Panel is a Non combustible panel according ASTM E 136.

Very Energy efficient
As energy cost rise, the importance of a good R-value is a key issue. The R value: m2xK/W – 0,104.

Resistant to termite, mould and fungus
The M4-Roof Panel will not rot or degrade in humid environment. The PH value makes the panel very resistant to attack by termites, fungus and mould.

The M4-Exterior Sheathing is Fibre reinforced, produced with composite materials as pure Magnesium Sulfate, MgO expanded Perlite, other agents and strong alkali free glass fibre mesh. It is a 100% asbestos and silica free. The board appears in its natural off white colour as standard and has a hard and durable surface.

Roof applications requiring fire rating and non fire rating as well as termite, mold and mildew control.