Natura-Exterior Siding

For interior and exterior Siding (many applications including ventilated facade/cladding). Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

High density fiber cement with through core color. The panel is impermeable and non-combustible.


Dyed colors: Anthracite (black), Light Grey, Off-White, Sand, Red, Green/ Teal, Yellow. The surface is the same color as the core. The surface is uniform in color. UV protected with PVDF.

The characteristics of PVDF coatings are

  • Do not react with most of the solvents, acids and chemicals.
  • Weather Resistant and retains the original colour and gloss of external cladding materials for a very long span of time.
  • PVDF maintains the temperature and considerably reduces the expansion and contraction of the materials on which they are coated.

Durable, waterproof, scratch resistant, unique striated and impermeable surface. Front side has one-coat semi-covering PVDF varnish. Back side is UV coated. Has a slightly sanded front and rolled backing. Edges must be sealed with hydro-block after cutting.

Resistant to mould, fungus,Moisture etc.
The pH value of 11 makes the board very resistant to attack by fungus and mold. It does not rot or degrade in humid environments and is not weakened when wet.