Rustica-Exterior Siding

For interior and exterior Siding (many applications including ventilated facade/cladding) as well as fascia board. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

High density fiber cement with through core color. The panel is permeable and noncombustible.

Colours – dyed fibre cement
Dyed soil colors: Natural white, Flint/Cement grey, Anthracite/Matte black, and in special cases, Sand, Reddish, Green or Yellow Soil Color. Since raw soil materials provide the dyed colors, different production batches cannot be mixed as colors may vary.

Colour – fading
Surface-treated with a waterproof front, which makes the front resistant to water anddirt and provides increased protection against UV fading. The panel can/will slowly develop a patina, depending on where it is mounted.

Appears natural in its earthy soil colors. Has a sanded front, appears “natural raw” and there are small whitish specs in the surfaces that vary in size and number.

The pH value of 11 makes the panel very resistant to attack by fungus and mold. The panel does not rot or degrade in humid environments and can absorb and release moisture an unlimited number of times without the board’s strength properties deteriorating.