Thermo Panel

Thermo Panel is a building wrap, insulation, air and water barrier, mold inhibitor and thermal bridge eliminator all-in-one. Delivering an R-value of up to 5 on the exterior sheathing,it can increase insulation values by 30%. Having insulation outside moves the dew point further to the exterior wall which helps prevent moisture buildup inside the walls. This enhances a wall’s ability to prevent water vapor from condensing inside the wall, and adds
to a structure’s internal energy efficiency.

Easily apply to walls, floors, roof, and around windows. This product serves a multitude of uses including flashing, roofing and decking underlayment as well an alternative to ventilated facade / rain screen construction. Simply install directly onto exterior sheathing, such as traditional OSB, with roofing nails or staples. Its rigid surface allows direct installation of fiber cement cladding and siding products. Simply screw, thinset or glue fiber cement
cladding directly to its surface (shown here). Or apply one step, single layer stucco directly to the surface.

Thermo Panel is impermeable consisting of a closed cell foam and reinforced by a rigid front surface of 1/8″ layer non-combustible M4 composite board.

Slightly sanded front and closed cell foam backside.

Does not rot or degrade in humid environments and is not weakened when wet.