R5 Stucco

The R5–Energy Panel is a new solution for wood sheathing which provides fire rating and exterior continuous insulation in one panel. Having a rigid permeable surface, non-combustible panel and a 100% water repellent R5 insulation in one board also:

  • Eliminates 2- 4 layers of labor mounting cost for Stucco work – Spray-on Stucco can be applied directly with a one coat stucco concept to the rigid front surface.
  • Prevent moisture buildup inside the walls (the problem with many foam products) due to the panels unique permeability.

The R5–Energy Panel is permeable and reinforced by a rigid, one side surface of non-combustible M4
composite layer and on the other side a core of high density, water repellent, non-combustible, stone–wool


  1. Spray-on stucco can be directly applied on M4 rigid surface
  2. Provides R5 value in all temperatures
  3. Non combustible
  4. Resistant to mold, fungus, moisture, insects, wind, and fire
  5. Does not rot or degrade in humid environments
  6. Provides additional sound insulation
  7. Eliminates thermal bridging

Easily apply as exterior continuous non-structural sheathing on wood sheathing, face the stone-wool towards the installed wood sheathing.

Rigid M4 front, and stone-wool backside.

Off white rigid surface and army green insulation